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The municipal elections will be held on June 13th in all municipalities in Finland. If you believe in freedom and responsibility, entrepreneurship and independent families, I am the candidate for you in Kouvola.

My name is Annika Lyytikäinen and besides a university student and musician, I am the chairwoman of the Christian Democratic Youth of Finland (KD Nuoret). I grew up in a Finland-Swedish family in Kouvola, spending most of my freetime on clarinet and ballet lessons. After graduating from senior high school, I studied Economics and Folk Music at two universities, travelled the world and got engaged with politics. I am sure, that with some minor improvements Kouvola would become an excellent springboard for all kinds of success stories, with all kinds of people as their main characters. Good things grow in Kouvola.

In my campaign, I lift up four focal points:

  • Children and youth

Kouvola is an amazing environment to grow up in, but I am sure we can improve it even more. By introducing a ”Kouvola bonus” to the home care allowance, parents’ freedom of choice regarding their childcare solutions would increase. We should also make sure that education, from nursery school to higher education, is of excellent quality and that all children and youth have a chance to find and afford a hobby of their choice.

  • Arts and culture

Defunding arts and culture should finally stop, especially due to the harm the pandemic has made to the field. Culture, as well as sports, is an important attraction factor for the city.

  • Economics and entrepreneurship

Kouvola needs to fix its economic situation – and increasing the municipal tax rate is not an option anymore. As an economist I know it is easier said than done. I am convinced that entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship are part of the solution: we need to listen to entrepreneurs regarding all decisions we make, as the entrepreneurs create jobs and employment turns into tax income.

  • Fighting the climate change

Even if climate change is a multinational issue, Kouvola needs to carry its responsibility regarding saving our nature and planet. Environmental aspects should be considered in all decision making, be it regarding traffic or school lunches.

Want to know more?

Please do not hesitate to contact me in case you want to find out more about my goals and values! You find my contact information under the ”Ota yhteyttä” -tab.

Don’t know if you’re allowed to vote in the elections? Find out more here.

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